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A group of strangers flee captivity through an unfamiliar forest hunted by masked killers.

(Horror Feature Film in Post-Production)

Sanna Jeppsson

Danny Hardwick

Oliver Brooke

Tom Brooks

Michaela Longden

Eleanor Caird Rhodes

Amber Doig-Thorne

Rowan McIntosh

Dannie Pye

Megan Paul

Agnes Roddy

Rob Maynard

Bill Blackwood


Adventurers Dylan and Elle find themselves being held captive along with a group of strangers chained together in an underground cell. They escape their mysterious captivity only to discover they are in the deep, dark depths of an unfamiliar forest. Bloody, bound and broken the group flee and must work together to survive, but they are stalked by the supernatural force of masked killers that kidnapped them. One by one the group are picked off by the armed hunters and grizzly traps, before being dragged back to face their reckoning. With freedom in sight, Elle and another member of the group decide to return to hell and fight the faceless evil in hope of saving Dylan and anyone else still alive.